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Phatwoods pre rolls, buy phatwoods online S4U® MAYAN FLAMETM FATWOOD 100% NATURAL FIRESTARTER For 3800 years the Mayans have been using natural pine fatwood sticks as candles and fire starters. These sticks have a high resin content which burns easier and hotter than paper, wax and other fire starters. These resin sticks will light easily and burn hot



Phatwoods pre rolls, buy phatwoods online S4U® MAYAN FLAMETM FATWOOD 100% NATURAL FIRESTARTER For 3800 years the Mayans have been using natural pine fatwood sticks as candles and fire starters. These sticks have a high resin content which burns easier and hotter than paper, wax and other fire starters. These resin sticks will light easily and burn hot


Over a short time, the resin in the roots rise into the stump. The stump is hand split into sticks which are cured. Mayan Flame is a super fire starter.  There are many brand for $45 to $70 for six joints. Equaling, 3.5 grams per pack  reasonable for the highly taxed legal market in California. The most expensive pre-rolled joints are the brand name kind with a broad price tag from $60 to $90, but keep in mind that these can come in packs, which means your money goes a long way.


 It is  from splitting the stumps that contain a high concentration of natural resin. This organic, 100 percent natural resin allows the fatwood fire starter to be started with a single match and gives a sustained flame. 10 pound box of 100 percent natural fire starter wood with no chemical additives. Wood cut from non-endangered, non-rainforest, non-living trees. User friendly. Safe, clean, and non-toxic.


Indoor or outdoor use. Indefinite shelf life. SCS certified. Suggested use barbecues, campfires, wood stoves, fire pits, pellet stoves, chimineas, coal stoves, fireplaces.


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