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Frostiez. The  good Indica dominant cannabis strain is the Nero Cut edition. This strain is basically runtz covered in THC with the same sweet taste. They appeals to consumers because it has high THC content but also a higher than typical CBD level. But what really makes this strain special ?. The aromas are quite similar with a bit of granny smith apple on the nose.  It will appeal to all those who are looking for new strain and want to feel the full power of Indica.  This variety was obtained by crossing the legendary Indica strain with an unknown partner. Despite the average level of THC 20%-22%, the strain has a strong effect on the human body and mind. It’s happening because of the high percentage of Indica.

Frostietz For Sale

Frostiez. Consumers of this indica product should be aware where to buy them. We are here to give you the best and make sure it been deliver to your doorstep and for sure you place another order after this. Also, consumers should be aware of the high lever of THC. It contents a high level of about 17% – 18% of THC which happens to be very high for some consumers, hence they should always take note of the THC level before consuming.

  Effects (Positive )

There are many words to say about this indica products. This strain will increase your creativity. It will boast your happiness which come with a deep body relaxation. This strain has many advantage that will help you relive stress. This strain can also help patients to relive pain, insomnia and appetite loss. many  if not all of our clients have testify that this product also helps calm depression, stress  and anxiety, and we come across a group of tourist who gave us reviews on  our product saying it made them more adventurous and happy while touring.

Effect ( Negative )

Everything been equal, there are many side effects about this indica strain. Although say bad but can still be good. it may cause laziness and sedation but will boast your mood high. we  do everything possible to raise the awareness of our clients so as to make them understand and the side effects of this. This strain make or bring about Dry mouth, Dry eyes, Dizzy and a high THC level  just to name a few. please be aware and stay safe. the strain has a strong effect on the human body and mind.





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