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Kandy pen

Kandy pen. The kandy pen oura comes in a perfect corrugated white box branded with the Kandypens “K”. Everything you need to start vaping dry herb is inside except the herb, and the isopropyl alcohol. Here is what is added:
• Micro USB charger

• Cylindrical cleaning brush • 2x shower head screens. • 2X K-vape pro glass mouthpiece units. Although 2 mouthpieces come with the kit, I do not presently view them sold separately. Normally, you can purchase the mouthpieces for their gadget separately in case you need a 3rd, fourth, etc. also, unlike many other KP gadgets; this kit comes in all back.


The Kandy pen atomizer is a generally a 2 part unit: the vape pen battery and the glass mouthpiece. Add the mouthpiece, the K-vape pro stands just 4.75 inches tall, and just over an inch in diameter at its widest point. And like the Kandypens items, Kandy battery is backed by a lifetime warranty against sudden death or defects.


More durable finish
It comes in a different metal shades in addition to a white ceramic paint. The paint work on this one is thicker and stronger than their standard painted colors, so it would chip around the edges. This is one of the most luxurious/elegant feeling vape pens.

Two top-tier atomizers

You get two different coils, one is ceramic-lined with a ceramic plate heater at the bottom, and other one is quartz-lined with twin quartz rods. They are both truly best and each has its own benefits.

Amazing vapor standard

The smoothness and taste of the vapor from both atomizers is top shelf with this one, I truly enjoy them both although my personal preference is that quartz.

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    We purchase most of our medications from your company except narcotics which unfortunately the US politicians will not allow. Your prices are usually very good and we can purchase name brand medications ,not inferior generics. And they are NOT the same, especially in pain medicines but overall I have found generics to be quite inferior with more side effects probably from the cheap fillers they use. We plan to continue purchasing medications from you, just sometimes takes a long time to get the medications shipped to us. US pharma has gotten way out of control with their prices on medications and pharmacists want to sell you their generic drugs which are definitely inferior quality.

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    The service I received has been excellent. The staff are courteous and helpful. The medication arrives usually before the due date and the cost is much lower than here in the states

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