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PURCHASE MOONROCK CLEAR CARTS Moonrock clear carts Dr. Zodiak alongside his partner Rapper Kurupt. The main purpose of their creation is to create a cannabis high that will be the absolute best on the planet. Firstly, they introduced Moonrock Ice, Moonrock Ice Blunts and Edibles (including Bobby Blue’s Brownies). Next to their original Moonrocks, Dr. Zodiak Moonrocks Clear joined their product line providing another convenient and powerful way to use cannabis. The brand is finding new and ground-breaking ways of helping patients to medicate and to find relief on-demand from their ailments. MOONROCK CLEAR FOR SALE CHEAP Their Clear Cartridges are part of this drive, giving users the chance to find relief while on the go. Today, Dr. Zodiak brand continues to push the envelope by finding grounding breaking new ways to help patients medicate and find on-demand relief. Above all, Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock’s brand continues making inroads into the cannabis community at large through partnership with artists. Moonrock clear carts

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