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iced tea infuser pitcher

Nothing’s better on a hot summer day – let alone any day, than a refreshing, invigorating glass of iced tea. MOTA Infused Iced Tea is MOTA’s proprietary take on a classic beverage with an adult twist. Their tea is made with a medicated blend of cannabis extracts, tea, zesty citrus and the perfect amount of sweetener for a nice balance. Each package of iced tea crystals contains 150mg of THC and makes dosing as simple as ever with its consistent, precise measurements. Simply add water and get to relaxing! DOSAGE Each package contains 150mg of THC. Read directions on packaging for further dose information. INGREDIENTS Sugar, Citric Acid, Cannabis, Tea Solids, Tri-Calcium Phosphate, Natural & Artificial Flavours CANNABINOID CONTENT 150mg THC CONTENT 55g of Infused Iced Tea Crystals

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